Monday, December 17, 2012

What do I do with Pinterest?

Do you know that fine line between young and old, current and out of touch? I feel like I am on the wrong side these days. I don't recognize most of the artists on the radio, I have no idea what movies are out in the theaters (unless it's G-rated from Disney), and I am slipping behind in the social media sector.

Clearly, I was once an early adopter. I have been blogging for a few years, I'm an avid Facebooker, I tweet, schedule updates with Hoot Suite, check my Klout, and support blogging talent via Triberr tribes. But I am missing the boat when it comes to some of the newer social media sites/tools.

What exactly do I stumble? Or tumble?

I enjoy browsing through Pinterest if I need a bit of down time, but what exactly am I supposed to DO with it? I am not a crafter. I'm not much of a cook. I barely get my kid fed, bathed, and kissed goodnight before I need to crawl between my own cozy sheets. I do not have time to make adorable goodies and heartfelt, super creative gifts. I would implode if I stayed up through the night making things - I am a girl who needs a good night of sleep.

Pinterest is supposed to be the next big thing - but I see it as a niche spot for super creative people. Is it mainstream? What do I do on Pinterest if I do not craft, cook, or create? I am not planning a wedding, and we have one birthday party per year. What do men do on Pinterest?

Help me out here, friends. What do I do with Pinterest?  

Bloggers, if you have written about Pinterest, feel free to leave a link in a comment! Please include your email for me so I can reply personally with my thanks. 
Even though I don't know what I am doing yet, I made a few boards. You can follow me as I learn this new social world:
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