Monday, April 22, 2013

About our schools...

I saw a very concerning email today. I am a parent of a soon-to-be Kindergartner, so a friend forwarded a PTA email. The email shared the upcoming school district budget proposal for FY2014 - and highlighted some significant concerns:

Many teacher jobs are on the chopping block.

Teachers who keep their jobs will each face 5 days of furlough.

Band and orchestra for middle and high schools? Budget proposal says CUT.

Art and music classes for elementary? Yep... budget proposal says CUT.

Media and library professionals? Cut and CUT.

This is extremely distressing! In a few weeks, we will close on our new house. We moved for the schools. Are the sought-after schools in our area going to stay strong with less staff and no creative expression? With dying libraries?

I just cannot begin to understand why music and art programs seem to always be on the chopping block. Schools these days are all about standardized testing - pressure, stress, and test scores that are the benchmark for everything they do. But music and art? These foster creative thinking and open expression.

Show me a high-powered business professional today who hasn't had to depend on creativity.

I guess I will be joining the PTA next year... we can't let this happen!

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