Friday, April 12, 2013

Mama craft: Easy Hairbow Holder

I will miss several cute aspects of Amelia's room when we move. My husband's hand painted cattails and lovingly applied chair rail, all done in preparation of her birth. My wall art, made from scrapbook paper, inexpensive white frames, and 3-dimensional butterfly stickers. And my cute hairbow holders:

These are extremely easy and inexpensive to make, so perhaps I will need to make new ones for her Cinderella-inspired space once we move.

Craft stores (like Michael's), usually have these already-painted wood shapes for under one dollar:

Pick out shapes that match the room decor, then find some color-coordinating ribbon:
For bows with a French barrette style clip, make sure to select a thin ribbon - probably less than 3/4" - because the clip needs to close on the other side of the ribbon. For snap clips or alligator clips, you can use a thicker ribbon.
I used hot glue to stick the ribbon on the back of each wood piece. You may want to get a wood piece or a decorative pebble to glue to the bottom of each ribbon, to keep it hanging down straight.
I made one frog holder with thick ribbon using a cute wooden frog on top and bottom. I also made a dragonfly holder with two thin ribbons, one hanging from each wing, and a shiny jewel on the bottom of each ribbon.  
These keep the bows off the furniture and floor, but within easy reach each morning. And they are cute and girly in the room!
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