Monday, October 28, 2013

"Mummy" and Me Monday: Pumpkin

We have some friends who host a pumpkin carving party each year, and everyone comes out with their creative and fun carving talents to win the coveted pumpkin trophy.

This year, I wanted Amelia to be able to participate on her own, but without wielding a knife. The mummy pumpkin was inspired by a Pinterest pin originally sourced from Better Homes and Gardens:

BHG cheesecloth pumpkin instructions

This mummy pumpkin is incredible, but a bit more involved to create than I was hoping to find for our five-year old. Cheesecloth, fabric stiffener... just a bit too much for a backyard party.

So I modified it to be easy and kid-friendly:

- One pumpkin
- One large roll of paper athletic tape
- One or two large rolls of  gauze wrap
- Pair of googly eyes
- Tacky glue or hot glue
- Permanent marker
- Optional Embellishments (i.e., ribbon)

Cover as much orange as possible with the cloth athletic tape. Then wrap the pumpkin with the roll of gauze, either tucking in or gluing down the end. Glue on googly eyes, then draw a face. Embellish as you wish.

Amelia's pumpkin mummy is a girl, so she drew eyelashes and tied ribbons on the stem.

She created this pumpkin entirely on her own and it looks fantastic! Quick and easy with no knives required.

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