Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Type A Conference weekend: Part 2 (LINKY)

I have had several friends ask me why I attended a blog conference.  

What is a blog conference? 

What do you do there? 

Is it fun? 

How cool are those light-up Mickey ears!?

I have a unique position in the blogging world. I probably have a very different reason for attending the Type A Conference as compared to most of the others in attendance.

My blog is not a business. I take small opportunities as they come, offer an occasional giveaway, review Atlanta family attractions and shows, and otherwise just share a little bit about my life as I struggle to balance work, blogging, parenting, kindergarten, and (soon!) a newborn addition to our home. I am pretty real. The voice on this screen is my voice, no sales pitches or attempts to seem bigger than I am. 

Attending Type A allowed me to spend some quality social time with other parents who "get it".

 It also gave me a chance to meet some people in my "real-life" industry who also "get it". (I am a media planning/buying professional at a Georgia advertising agency). 

I was able to meet a few energetic and helpful representatives of major household brands like Disney Parks, Minute Clinic, Bissell, Hasbro, and more. Perhaps they will have a small campaign that fits a semi-hobby blogger like myself  one day.

I go into a blog conference with a main goal of chit-chat and fun. I look for opportunities to make small tweaks to my blog, without focusing too hard on monetization (that just stresses me out and makes this blogging thing a lot less fun). I seek out professionals who work in the advertising and PR industry, and I always manage to take back a few new tidbits of information that may help me to be a better planner/buyer in the future.

Type A Conference weekend was great. I achieved my goals and had lots of fun. I learned a little bit to fit my perfect niche, and I met some contacts who may be quite valuable in the future. I even brought my family along for Saturday night to share my hotel room and have a staycation of their own. 

Link up your Type A Conference posts here! Share the knowledge and fun.
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