Wednesday, November 13, 2013

15 minutes for Mom

I admit, I have forgotten most of what it is like to have a newborn. I am worried about handling two kids when the little guy is born. I am especially not looking forward to sleepless nights, constant feedings, and diapers.

But this time around, I will depend on knowledge that, surely, will surface again. I vow to be less frantic, less confused, less stressed. Most importantly, I know how crucial it is for busy moms to take time out for themselves - and I will do that. If "me" time isn't there, I do not think I will survive the first year as a mom of two.

I was recently introduced to the Graco Little Lounger; it is a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger in one.

This seat looks fantastic! I am really looking forward to using it when our little man is here. It sits higher than a bouncy seat, allowing for easier reach. The soothing motion is ideal for entertaining baby for a decent chunk of time. If Mama can get 15 minutes of peace, then this is a must-have baby item!  (UPDATE: Baby is now here and this seat is a lifesaver! We keep it next to our bed and he snuggles so happily for night. I can reach over and rock or vibrate him if he stirs.) 

Graco hosted a home party event where a yoga professional showed a group of moms some great stretches that can be done while baby is content. Even several where moms can stay seated, within reach of the happily lounging baby. Stretching is an ideal way to take time for yourself; it allows for relaxation, gets the blood moving, and reduces stress. Hip and arm stretches feel so good after pregnancy, childbirth, and holding/feeding/rocking a newborn for hours each day.

What would you do if you had 15 minutes each day to focus yourself? Listen to music? Stretch? Exercise? Paint your toenails? Have a quick chat with a supportive friend? The Graco Little Lounger is going to help me do all of the above! I pledge to take time for myself, much better than I did the first time around.  


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Graco Little Lounger™ is two products in one: a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger
Key Features:
·         2-in-1: Rocking Seat + Vibrating Lounger
·         Rock Locks™ transform the rocker  into a stationary vibrating lounger
·         Multi-position recline makes it easy to keep baby comfortable
·         Toy bar with two soft toys keeps baby entertained
·         3-point harness keeps baby secure
Recommended Use:
·         Infants up to 30 lbs
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For more information on mom and baby-friendly Graco products, visit the Graco Facebook Page and Graco on Twitter.

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Note: I received a Graco Little Lounger at no additional charge for the purposes of the review and event. 
All opinions are 100% mine.
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