Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to insert a smile into those blah pregnant days

Let's face it: pregnancy does not always bring out the gorgeous glow and happy feelings.

Especially when it is not the first child; the excitement and wonder of the new miracle-to-be just is not there, and instead it is replaced with a busy schedule and the often incessant demands of another human being.

Pregnancy can be downright miserable - from aches and pains to poor sleep to ill-fitting clothes. I have been pretty worn down this time around, which means I immediately eye the gray comfy sweatpants each and every morning. I feel like a frumpy blob, so I usually want to dress like one.

But sometimes, having a good day means allowing myself a little bit of pretty. A couple minutes of makeup and decent clothes often make me feel better. I feel more awake, less like a monster who crawled out from under the bed after tossing and turning in discomfort all night.

If you can muster up a tiny bit of effort, it is possible to insert a bit of smile into your pregnant days:

  1. Start with a shower. The warm water and a few minutes of personal time will start the day off right. Muscles can relax, especially if sleep was uncomfortable the night before. Get a shower gel or scrub with an amazing scent that makes you happy and indulge in a minute or two of aromatic silence. Mornings can be hectic, especially if other kids are involved, but starting the day for you can make a big difference.  
  2.  Eat breakfast. I happen to be one of those pregnant people who is not always hungry. I am in my third trimester and I actually forget to eat once in a while. I am not always in the mood to eat breakfast, but doing so gives me an energy boost that I often need. Since calories are not a big concern (and I am thankfully not dealing with gestational diabetes), I allow myself whatever breakfast treat I desire. Sometimes it is a bagel slathered with cream cheese, other times it may be a fresh-baked muffin or scone from the local bakery just down the street. Breakfast provides the fuel for baby and me, and indulging in a treat pushes that smile out a bit more.
  3. Put down the sweats. Every day? Of course not! Sometimes knowing you can be comfy and unkempt makes a day seem brighter. But every now and then, put on real clothes. Maybe a quick dab of lipstick. When you see yourself, you will feel a lot more human. 
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Note:  I was provided the "wild about you" Mommylicious Maternity shirt for no charge for the purposes of this sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mines. 
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