Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids can make their own ice cream with a shake (and some patience)

Here is another fun holiday gift idea for the kids - Ice Cream Magic! This hand-held "shake it to make it" is a fun little gadget for kids to create and enjoy their very own ice cream flavors.

I received one Ice Cream Magic at no charge for the purposes of this review. It comes with an individual serving size hand-held mug with a spoon, both in a cute ice cream cone shape. Also an easy-to-follow instruction guide with recipe ideas on the back.

We made some strawberry ice cream using whipping cream, vanilla, sugar, and strawberry syrup. Salt and water go into the bottom of the mug while the ice cream ingredients go into the freezing chamber. Once the container is totally sealed up, we took turns shake, shake, shaking it.

The ice cream we made was still pretty soft. Three minutes is a long time to a five-year-old! But she thought it was a lot of fun and is already asking to try new and different flavor concoctions.  Ice Cream Magic is not going to make hard "Baskin-Robbins" type ice cream (unless maybe you shake it for a really long time), but it is fun and I like knowing exactly what ingredients are in my daughter's treats.

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From Idea Village. See more of their fun products including adorable Flipeez hats via IDV Products on Facebook@IDVproducts on Twitter, or via You Tube.
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