Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fitting into jeans post-baby

My maternity pants are too big! Baby boy is almost six weeks old and I am struggling to keep my pants up. Maternity jeans are saggy and the belly panel is becoming an annoyance. So the other day, I happily yanked open the closet door, pulled open some bags and boxes, and went on a search for my jeans. I found my "bling" jeans (super cute with a sparkly pattern on the booty), my everyday bootcut jeans, and my "chubby day" jeans with the larger waist and higher rise.

Optimistic and quite curious, I snatched out the bling jeans. That pair would not even pull up over my butt. So, my booty got larger? I had no idea. Is that something that gets smaller with more time, or are my bling jeans destined to shine for someone else's rear end?

Managing not to shed a tear from the loss of bling, I pressed onward. Regular everyday bootcut jeans - up next. After some wiggling, those pulled up over my (apparently larger) booty, but I was foiled again, many inches from buttoning in the front. Strike two!

I sucked up my courage once again - surely the big jeans would work! They pulled up all the way. They even buttoned! But breathing was a bit more difficult. Sitting was not a joyous experience. But darn it, I wanted jeans! Jeans without a stretchy baby-belly tummy panel!

Insert genius problem solving skills.
And a hair tie to save the day:

The hair tie allowed for that inch (or more) of gap that I needed, with some stretch to allow for movement. I could walk! I could sit! I could breathe freely. No maternity jeans to sag down and roll my underwear down (and off of my bum).

I was wearing jeeeeeeans! Just don't tell anyone how silly it looks underneath my shirt.

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