Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Planning a Despicable Me Minions GIRL birthday party

I have been talking a lot about spring and spring break, but we have yet another exciting event to look forward to here. Amelia's sixth birthday! This is a big birthday year; she is growing up and breezing through kindergarten, and she has a whole new set of friends. No more inviting Mommy and Daddy's friends... this year, Amelia gets to set her own guest list. I feel bad losing so many of the guests who have attended for five years, but it really does need to be her day.

Of course, she insists on inviting the whole class. Twenty-two kindergartners. Despite my best efforts to cut down the list, little Miss Popular is adamant. All of them. ALL are her friends.

She has also been insistent on the theme: Minions! Specifically, the "girl minion". Who I believe is actually a male minion named Stuart who once put on a dress and pigtails... but whatever. She/he is adorable. I searched high and low, however, and party supplies just do not feature this cute little minion. So we will be combining birthday celebration minions with whatever I can make to feature girl Stuart. Here's what I have so far!

I made the invitation with some very basic design efforts and an image search for "Stuart minion"...

We ordered party supplies featuring birthday Minions...

These are table cloths, but I may use them as decor. Or I may cut and paste one to create a pin-the-goggles-on-the-Minion game (idea for the game came from several Pinterest pinners).  It will help save my printer ink because I need a large Minion image.

 With matching cups, of course.

I also love these two Pinterest pins, and hope to do these as well.

popcorn treats to take home (click to see the pin)

For the masks, I want to glue on orange yarn pigtails (or maybe just some construction paper)...
printable Minion masks (click to see the pin)

She will also be wearing her new Minion t-shirt for girls. I ordered it from Sears.com. Alas, no Stuart girl minion, but at least it is pink and girly.

I still have to tackle the cake. It is the most crucial part of the themed birthday party, I think! We really want it to feature the Stuart girl minion, but there are no ready-made designs with "her" at Publix. It must be Publix cake - simply the yummiest. I designed a cake image using the same image from the invitations, and I am crossing my fingers that Publix will make an edible photo cake with it. The image wasn't protected and I will do my best to convince them that it is OK to use. Besides... we will eat the evidence! (If Publix fails me, I found someone on Etsy who will make any custom cake image. I am just terrified to apply it myself before the party. I'm not so handy with cake decorating!)

I think it will be an extra fun day!

We are looking forward to it... even if we do end up with 22 kids here. (Yikes!)

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