Thursday, March 6, 2014

When Mama gets time for herself - Boots Clay Mask #PowerOfPlants

It is a rarity these days. But once in a while, my to-do list can be put on hold and the baby chooses to take a really good nap. My daughter is at school, husband is at work, house is silent. When I do not have something nagging at me to be done in the house, I take a moment for me.

Listen to the silence. Breathe. Close my eyes.

The other day, I received yet another awesome Influenster Vox Box.  Influenster is a free community of influential people who test products and tell others about their experiences. I am on my third Vox Box in only a couple months! I've tested shoe insoles, candy, lip gloss, eye shadow, tea, face cream, and more.

This box included Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic "The Power of Plants" clay mask by Boots Beauty.

I am a sucker for face stuff - I love to try creams and washes and anything that feels good. So for my "me" time? I gave myself a mini spa experience. I painted my nails and wore the Botanics clay mask. It starts as more of a liquid (shake well!), and it goes on very smoothly. It dries quickly and leaves skin soft when you wash it off. It is hypo-allergenic, which is always important to me. It also features 10 plant extracts, including Willowbark.

It only looks a little funny while you are waiting for it to dry... hee hee.

Everyone needs some quiet time now and then. Peaceful, quality alone time. What do YOU do when you get a few moments to yourself?  

- - -
The face mask sample was received free of charge via the J'adore Vox Box. All opinions are 100% mine. I was nto required to write a review.

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