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Christie Rampone: Elite athlete, wife, and a pretty awesome "balancing" mama!

This mama's story is powerful and impressive. Talk about a "balancing" mama! Christie Rampone is captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and the only mom on the team. She is captain of her family as Mom to Rylie, 9 and Reece, 4.

Christie Rampone continues to defy the odds. At age 39, this wife and mother of two young daughters is also the captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and a 3-time Olympic gold medalist —and between home life and work life, Christie may be one of the busiest, most active women in America.
As an elite athlete, wife and mother, Christie lives a busy, unique and challenging life.

“Between caring for my family, training and traveling, there are really no days off,” she says. Several years ago, she came down with Lyme disease and realized she needed to take better charge of her health and approach it with the same passion she has for being a wife, mother and world-class soccer star.

“At my age and with all that I have on my plate, I need to work harder at staying healthy inside and out,” Christie admits. “I’ve always taken care to eat healthy and to exercise regularly, so, now I learned to focus on my internal health like going to yoga to reduce stress and keeping my immune system strong.
Immune health is not just important for world-class athlete like Christie, but to everyone – especially now as summer turns to fall and the change of seasons plays havoc with our health.  

What is balance for you? How do you measure it?  
Balance is key for me.  The importance of doing my job as a soccer player, a mom and a wife is all predicated on doing them all well.  If I am unable to fulfill any of three roles, I end up being unsuccessful at all of them.  But when I am able to do all three well, everything falls into place.  I feel that getting balance is less about putting a measured amount of time into something but more about making the time you put in count.  For example, my workouts now are much shorter than when I was young.  But I am so much more efficient and productive because of my experience and knowing how to maximize my time.
What are your top tips for balance?
Concentrate on one thing at a time.  Do not take on too much.  Be in the present, always.  You can only control what you can control.  Balance is about perspective.  You have to prioritize what's important and what can wait.  Don't wear yourself thin, you're only one person.  There is a time for your career and there is a time for family.  Separate the two and you will find it much more enjoyable.  

Could you just be a mom? Could you just be an athlete? 
I was an athlete before I was a mom.  And I may soon find out what it is like being only a mom since my career is drawing to a close.  But by doing both I believe that I am setting a great example for my daughters, and hopefully other young women, that you can have it all.

Do your girls play soccer?
Do they know how BIG their mom is?  Yes Rylie has been playing for a few years and Reece just started this year.  They have traveled with me to soccer events all across the world since they were born, so they were very excited to get started playing.  Rylie likes to score and Reece plays defense just like me.  They know that mommy playing soccer is much different than most moms, but I am not sure they really understand the magnitude of it.  Since they are older now, I really believe that the World Cup will be an eye-opener for them this year.

How do you use EpiCor? 
At my age and with all that I have on my plate, I need to work harder at staying healthy inside and out.  I’ve always taken care to eat healthy and to exercise regularly.  I started taking EpiCor before the Algarve Cup, a major international soccer tournament held in the dead of winter. EpiCor made a big impact on supporting my immune system and helping me stay healthy throughout the trip.  Since then, I have become a paid endorser for EpiCor, and I enjoy talking about something that I truly believe works.  With my busy life I need to stay healthy and I believe EpiCor is an important element in that.  EpiCor is a safe and natural dried fermentate found in a variety of vitamins and supplements that helps support my immune system by strengthening a first and second line of defense, increasing antioxidant power and helping your gut.  I eat healthy, stay fit, manages stress and take EpiCor to protect my immune health. Available at VitaminShoppe.

How has being part of a team helped you with interpersonal/family dynamics?
I guess I would say that a successful family is much like a successful team.  People must work together, sacrifice for the benefit of the team and constantly communicate.  Our team is much like a family.  We may not always all like everything about each other, but we have respect and are willing to do anything to help each other. 

Favorite healthy meal when time is short?
Kale, Blueberry, and Pomegranate Salad.  Combine the Kale with blueberries, carrots, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and mint in a medium bowl and toss.  Drizzle with vinaigrette, salt, pepper and toss again.  
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