Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sleep, baby. Please?

This mama went to bed at 8:30pm Sunday night. Halloween on Friday night, the busy weekend, and the time change - added to a baby who still wakes once per night - and I just could not take it anymore.

It has been a long few weeks.

Amelia was my overachiever baby when it came to night sleep. She was a horrible napper, but slept through the night - until at least 7:00am - by about 10 weeks old. Andrew is nine months and eight days old, and he continues to wake. He had a week or so of uninterrupted 11-hour sleep. Every now and then he will make it all the way through. But not so much lately. He is back to being up once per night, usually about three hours after he goes to bed. Often, he is wide awake and wants to play OR he is angry that he's awake and screaming his head off.

Not fun at all. He wakes his sister who needs to be rested for school. He frustrates me because I just do not understand why the waking occurs. I feel like I am following all the "rules"!

We lay Andrew down awake and he falls asleep easily on his own for both naps and night. But when he wakes around midnight (usually), he will not go to sleep on his own for anything. He screams and cries like it is the end of the world. I have tried letting him cry it out, but he wakes sister and it is a painful wail to hear - not usual for him at all, unless it is midnight.

When he does this waking, I try to soothe him quickly in his bed. No lights, no sound. He screams.

I hold him for a second and put him back down. Again, no lights, no interaction. He screams.

I give him a bottle, he contentedly falls asleep in my arms. He snores. I put him in his bed, he wakes and screams. If I try to sneak out, he will not settle. He screams and screams and screams.

So I hold him. I hold him until his arm is completely floppy - so I know he is truly asleep. Only then am I able to successfully put him down without the waking and screaming. I shuffle back to my own bed and collapse. I am thankful for my baby boy and I know these moments are fleeting, but I can't help wonder why won't he sleep?!

After Andrew goes back down, he sleeps 6-7 hours until morning. As I mentioned, he has slept 11 hours before (just never consistently), so he is absolutely capable.

I am baffled with this one. And tired. Zzzzzzz.
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