Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wiper of noses and cleaner of clothes #parenting

I just read a post titled The Default Parent via Huffington Post (and lots of viral shares). This is my response.
- - -

I am, without a doubt, the default parent.

I am the wiper of noses, the cleaner of clothes, the maker of meals... and snacks... and more meals and snacks.

A family vacation isn't really a vacation but just a trip where all of my work tags along and I have few of the comforts from gadgets and gizmos that help out at home.

I work from home; my to-dos are the ones constantly interrupted or tossed aside completely when a need arises from a small person - or sometimes a husband.

Make this call, fill out this form, pack that lunch, make that appointment, take them for a flu shot and a booster flu shot, buy shoes that fit, find a hotel for the family vacation, er, trip. The one who sits on the sidelines with the baby while everyone else has fun = mom.

But this is okay because mothers are built to multi-task, to get it all done for everyone despite the ever-growing list of what needs to be done, what should have been done, and what might not get done in the next six months.

Not whining here; at least I have  a backup parent.

He is the preparer of breakfast, the commuter, the money-earner (much better than I am), the business traveler, the playtime guy who can make two little faces light up with joy simply by walking through the door. 
He switches gears from work demands and meetings and traffic to the kid zone.

Life is tiring as a parent, that's just the way it is.

We just have to roll with it and know that it is totally okay if some days are better than others (yes... even if some are complete disasters).

- - -
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  1. OH - did you read the blog past on the Huffington Post last week, titled The Default Parent? It's a good one and I think you could relate:)!.

    1. Yes, I linked to it at the top of my post. This was my response. I loved that one!

  2. Parents are the real superheroes. We thank you for your service. ;)

  3. I had to click over and read the Huffington Post article...but, yeah, I'm a default parent, too. And I'm a-okay with it! :-D

  4. Default parenting is a pretty good place to be!

  5. I get you. Kinda in the same position, being the default parent in our family. But it's effective and so I've got no reasons to complain as well.

  6. Parenting is definitely exhausting and I know our husbands do a LOT, but sometimes it would be nice to switch places for a bit. I'll go on the business trip while you change diapers this time!! ;)

  7. Yes! A hotel by myself? Sounds like paradise. The other day, he got an email forwarded to him where someone was telling their CEO how great he is with clients. Where's my "you're so great" email? :)


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