Monday, November 3, 2014

The Incredibles family takes on Halloween #DisneySide

Halloween was a lot of fun! A very busy day with school, final t-shirt touches, digging out the pumpkin lights and getting the candy bowl set out, but we had fun that evening.

Amelia selected the Violet costume from The Incredibles this year. She opted not to have a scratchy wig or an attempt at black hair spray, so I simply straightened her hair with the straightening iron. It worked. Her eye mask lasted a few minutes before she wanted it off. But luckily, the costume was comfortable and she didn't complain one bit, even after wearing it all day at school. With thermal shirt and pants underneath, she even survived the first hour of trick-or-treating until she needed her jacket (thanks to the out-of-nowhere rain!).

I have a thing for family costumes on Halloween, as I shared in our most epic costumes on Friday. With Amelia in a costume from a family of superheroes, I just could not let it go without a matching set! I found inexpensive red t-shirts for Steve, myself, and Andrew. Then I simply printed the Incredibles logo and pinned it on each shirt with some double-sided sticky tape for reinforcement.

I think it totally worked!

- - -
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