Thursday, April 16, 2015

Get outside! Favorite nature activities for children

Take a simple stroll - find a nice sidewalk among some trees or in a park and just walk together. Talk. Enjoy the sunshine and the family time.

Smell the flowers - let the child gently touch and smell various flowers and plants. Which ones smell good? Which ones smell strange?

Pick berries - this is an annual tradition with my nieces and nephew when they visit North Carolina in the summer. Grab some bags or small pails and see who can pick the most, or the biggest, or the prettiest berry from the patch. 

Visit a botanical garden - the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a fantastic option if you are in the area. Beautiful gardens, an orchid house, and a children's garden can entertain families for hours.

Catch lightning bugs/fireflies - this combines the excitement of staying out late with hunting and catching action to make it fun for everyone.

Dip your toes in the water - kids love water. Find a small creek or a park with a stream, or the ocean if it is nearby. Have some fun splashing and cooling those toes.

Water the plants - even now, at age seven, my daughter enjoys watering the plants outside. Watering the plants helps teach kids about what things need to grow and watering cans (and water hoses) are fun!

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Linked up to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop again this week! Prompt: Choose a photo from a previous April and write a poem or blog post. (These photos are from April and July from various years and they reminded me of all the outdoor fun we love to have!) 

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