Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kayla is on a new adventure in her second book, "Kayla The Great Goes to Washington"

Kayla the Great is back in a new adventure!

Kayle the Great is a beautiful and inquisitive multicultural child, the star of Atlanta author Stephanie Davis' children's book series. In the first book, Kayla The Great And The Magic Red Dress, Kayla cannot find her very special dress and embarks on a mission to locate it. The new book, Kayla The Great Goes To Washington, was just released and it is available now!

Kayla The Great Goes To Washington begins with an unhappy Kayla, when she learns that her family is not going to Fun World for vacation as she expected. They are traveling to Washington D.C. instead. Kayla is very disappointed, but on her trip and during a visit to the White House, Kayla meets some important people - can you guess who? Let's just say, her family vacation turns out to be pretty cool after all.

The timing could not have been more perfect for us, because we just returned from our family spring break trip to Washington DC! Just a few days after arriving home, the book was in the mail, much to the delight of my own great, book-loving daughter.

Author Stephanie Davis created Kayla the Great to help ensure diversity in children's books. The first two books are available now, with a third book coming soon! Stephanie is also available locally for book readings and signings. Schools love her!

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