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Prevent unwanted house guests w/ spring pest control tips from the Orkin experts #giveaway

Factual information in this post was provided by Mom It Forward and Orkin. 
This is a compensated post on behalf of Orkin, however, all opinions are 100% mine.

Yes, spring is in the air in most of the USA these days. While the humans are happy to get outdoors, it seems many creepy crawly critters are thinking the opposite; they are headed indoors where they are most unwelcome (especially when the spring rains come).

In many areas, including the southeast, we live alongside several insect pest varieties including mosquitoes, ants, stink bugs, bed bugs, cockroaches, and fleas (and I do not like any of them!). The pest control experts at Orkin are well-trained and know how to keep pests where they belong; outdoors and away from our homes. Orkin provides residential and commercial pest control services and they can customize their treatment plan to your own unique situation.

At a recent Orkin event for Georgia-area bloggers, we were given informative tips for pest control and some really smart travel tips about bed bugs (because we don't want to bring those home from spring break, now do we?).  Here are a few smart pest control tips from Orkin. It is time to work on prevention right now!

  • Seal all cracks and crevices around doors, windows, etc. 
  • Repair/replace damaged window screens
  • Get rid of any standing water, including cleaning gutters
  • Trim any foliage touching the home
  • Move wood piles away from the home

  • Check pets for fleas and ticks often
  • Vacuum and dust regularly
  • Clean spilled food and drink immediately
  • Rinse recycling objects before placing in the bin
  • Store food in tightly closed containers
  • Remove ideal "pest shelters" like cardboard boxes or newspapers 

photo by In The Kitchen With KP
Bed bugs can easily hitch a ride home with you in your luggage or on your clothes. A bed bug can live for 300 days and one bed bug can lay 400 eggs, so once they are in the home, they are extremely difficult to contain and remove without professional treatments. If you are traveling over spring break or this summer, try these SLEEP tips for avoiding unwanted bed bug stowaways:
  • Survey -  Check your hotel room for any evidence of bed bugs. Look inside cracks and crevices and check behind wall hangings. Bed bugs like to hide in warm spaces.
  • Lift - Check hotel beds by lifting the bed skirt, comforter, sheets, and mattress. Look closely for small reddish-black inky spots, shedded skin, or live or dead bugs.
  • Elevate -  Don't store your luggage on the floor or in the drawers. Use the luggage rack or desk. Keep clothes zipped inside the luggage when not in use, or in plastic bags if possible. 
  • Examine - Take a close look at your luggage and clothing items before you leave the hotel to ensure no bed bugs are tagging along.
  • Place - As soon as you arrive home, place all clothing in the dryer for 15 minutes on the highest heat setting. Bed bugs are killed at 122 degrees.

Orkin was founded in 1901, so they are a company with expertise and the history to back it up. Orkin pest control professionals are leaders in the industry, specializing in protection against common pests, including termites, rodents, and insects.You can connect with Orkin via Twitter at @AskTheOrkinMan or visit the website for more information, tips, and an Orkin Pest Library to help you identify what you may be battling in your home.

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