Thursday, April 2, 2015

Elegant flower arrangements to bring spring color indoors #DIY #flowers

Spring flowers, shrubs, and trees are blooming in the southeast! The Atlanta area is alive with pink and white fluffy blooms on trees and daffodils and tulips beginning to show their sweet little faces. The forsythia bushes seem to have popped overnight, absolutely bursting with golden color.

Sometimes, I like to cut a few stems off of our outdoor flowers to bring the burst of color indoors. Pinterest has some really elegant flower arrangement ideas for displaying your own yard beauties.  Bring your outdoor flowers indoors!

Forsythia will provide a long stem without much green foliage when the golden flowers are blooming. It has a simple look and feel and is gorgeously displayed in a flower arrangement using understated clear glass, like in this example:


This forsythia arrangement (and a little DIY) gave a plain glass vase a totally different feel with wine corks:

If you have enough tulips, they look pretty in just about anything. Tulips provide a variety of color inside your home, but if you have white tulips, I love this flower arrangement using a silver pitcher with white blooms:

Daffodils look lovely in a small bunch with short stems, and white plays off the solid yellow really well. How cute is this white teapot arrangement? 

If I were to actually try these spring flower arrangements, it is likely I would have a perfectly laughable Pinterest FAIL image to share. But I have not attempted these just yet. For now, I cut my flowers and/or stems and stick them in water. Sometimes it's a vase, sometimes just a clear drinking glass. But even if it's not "Pinterest perfect", bringing the spring color indoors makes everyone smile.  

If spring hasn't arrived where you live just yet, hang tight! It is coming.

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