Saturday, June 19, 2010

A restful vacation? Not quite.

We've been away for a week on a family vacation. We began our adventure in 90+ degree, hot and humid weather. Then traveled to cool, breezy, and picturesque Wyoming. We saw the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, and a ranch near Big Sky, Montana. Photos to come... once my bruises and sore muscles are healed.

We have never let Amelia's existence hamper our travel plans. She went with us on a mega family vacation to Europe last year. She's been to Maine with us as well. I've always said that the memories of having her with us far outweigh the challenges she brings.

Not sure I still believe that. Now she is two. Now she refuses to put on her shoes. She screams about wearing a jacket. Throws tantrums in restaurants (because green beans are apparently impossible to find on menus out west). We spent entirely too much money on only a few restaurant meals, and 90% of the time she ruined our experience. Steve and I ate separately, one wrestling an irate child while the other scarfed down their expensive meal. We opted for car picnics and pizza places as much as possible. And I may not go out to eat, even back in the 'burbs, anytime soon.

The challenges are definitely greater now. But still... the trip would not have been the same without our little sassy one. She made most of our memories really special. I do not regret this trip together - and we will certainly travel again. But maybe next time we'll think twice about pushing a physically tiring itinerary like this one.

I'm thinking a cruise.
Lounge chairs and ocean breezes. And child care facilities.
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