Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not a peep from Sleeping Beauty

Amelia mastered the big girl bed on her very first try! As soon as she realized what we were doing with her crib, she became excited. And her first up & down into the big girl bed gave her a big, glowing grin across that adorable baby face. She went right to sleep and did not make a peep until morning.

And even though she had the freedom to get out of bed, did she? Nope! She waited for us to come in and get her, then asked us to watch her get out of bed and clap for her. Yay, Amelia! A big girl bed pro.



I'm not sure what naptime will be like. Especially the days she doesn't want to nap. Maybe she'll at least enjoy quiet time in her room, with the choice to climb in bed or not. Fingers crossed!

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