Saturday, June 26, 2010

But will she sleep in it?

We converted to the BIG GIRL BED today! We took the drop side off our drop-side crib and installed a pink "sure & secure" bed rail. The crib wasn't meant to convert, but it is too pretty to put in storage so soon (see a catalog image of it HERE). It is built very well and seems quite sturdy with 3 sides and the mattress frame still in place.

The bed rail also wasn't meant for a crib, but it hooks onto the frame just like it would a box spring and seems to be fine. We're breaking rules left & right, but I think it is going to work. We added a cute wooden step stool to match Amelia's furniture, and she's up & down like a pro!

She made us watch her go up & down into the bed a few times already. She is very excited and proud of herself.

But will she sleep in it? Wish us luck tonight! And for upcoming nap times... yikes.
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