Thursday, June 24, 2010

The toys are to blame?

I've posted in the past about my dislike for children's menu items at restaurants. Burgers & fries, chicken nuggets & fries, pizza, etc. It's difficult to find a green vegetable on a kid's menu.

While I wish there were more vegetable and fruit options, I do not blame the restaurants for my child's health. I choose to order her a side dish of broccoli or I bring her food from home.

This is why articles like THIS ONE tend to get on my nerves.

"McDonald's Happy Meals are being targeted by a consumer group. The toys in the meals are to blame, the group says."

HUH? The toys are making kids fat? Since when do the kids eat the toys? First of all (and most obvious), the unhealthy food plays a role in making kids fat. But who brings those kids to McDonald's? I doubt these kids are suddenly driving themselves. It seems to me that moms and dads are to blame for excessive fast food.

So your kid begs to go to Mc D's because he/she saw a commercial for the toy? Easy solution: if you are worried about their health, say NO.

You say the kids are "wearing you down" because they see too many commercials? Then cut out their TV time.

You know what? Low fat milk and apples are available in Happy Meals in lieu of soda and fries. And you still get the oh-so-controversial plastic toy.

Parents need to be parents and stop blaming everything else for their kids' problems. I don't think it is McDonald's fault that parents can't take a stand and focus on healthy snacks and foods.

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