Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is looking good

There is a very good reason they call it HOTlanta. We're already deep into our muggy, humid afternoons. It was 90 degrees yesterday.

I have not been looking forward to this summer, fully aware of how much Amelia loves and needs outside time. At 14 months old, she didn't really care if she saw the sun & sky or not. But one year later, we are all about walking, running, sliding, and wagon rides through the neighborhood. She's probably as bored of these four walls as I am by now.

I knew school would help me a bit, allowing her playtime outdoors two days each week. But what was my plan for each afternoon when that little girl was inevitably going to look at me, pleading eyes and all, and ask "play outside, Mommy?"

Thank goodness I found my answer.


Amelia splashes, kicks, and giggles in the water. She watches the other kids. And despite her ridiculously short attention span, she can actually stay there for over an hour! I've never been much of a pool person. Swimsuits are not comfortable. My skin is perpetually pale (I have no idea why I don't tan anymore... I must be the only person on Earth who once returned from 10 days in Hawaii the exact same color as when I left). But this neighborhood pool is a lifesaver!

So now I can relax on a float in cool water (Amelia within sight and reach at all times, of course), or I can sweat on a playground while chasing my little munchkin. Which one sounds more comfortable to you?

Yay for water.

Perhaps I will survive the summer after all.
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