Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A teacher in training

Amelia has the makings of a great teacher. She loves to line up her stuffed animals on the stairs and "read" books to them. She loves to show me flashcards and help me with the pictures. She especially loves to reprimand bad behavior and cuddle her students when they get sad.

Lately Amelia's stuffed dog, Lola, has been pushing the other animals. Amelia says, "Big no-no, Lola. No pushing!" and puts Lola in timeout. Then she hugs and cuddles the pushing victim, usually a smaller animal who can not defend himself.

Elmo seems to have trouble staying awake in class. He is always going upstairs to take a nap. Amelia puts him in bed, tells him to "have a good sleep", and returns to teaching everyone else. Perhaps Elmo should have an earlier bedtime so he can learn with his friends?

In Amelia's actual school today, she led the music session. She confidently told the music teacher which songs to sing. And when to sing a certain song again. Or when to move on to the next song. The rest of the class went along with Amelia's lesson plan. Sounds like she did a good job!

A school session on the stairs. Before Elmo went to take his nap.
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