Monday, May 2, 2011

Fourteen Years

Fourteen years.

Fourteen years since we first said hello. Since we selected our rooms and claimed our corner of the kitchen for various dinnerware. Fourteen years ago, we took our initial steps towards friendship in that institutionally-furnished college apartment.

This past weekend, we had a reunion. Some of us had seen each other within the past few years. For others, at least eight or nine years had passed. We have different last names now. We all answer to "Mommy". But despite the years of life in between, it felt like old times.

Amazingly, our children were all born within months of each other (two actually on the same day). Watching these four play together was truly heartwarming. I am at a loss for words!

As we watched the late afternoon three-year-old antics, one of my dear friends sighed and said,"I just want to freeze time".

My sentiments exactly. If I had a giant pause button, we would still be in that day. The warm sun, cool shade, fantastic food, and child giggles could not have been more perfect.

Mommyhood brings surprises and smiles at every turn.

The only thing better?
Sharing it with dear friends.

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