Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WW: Senior Hottie Link-Up

I was going to skip Wordless Wednesday this week.

Thanks to A Belle, A Bean, A Chicago Dog, I have to join in! Welcome to my submission for the "I Was A Senior Hottie" (um... not) link-up:

Honestly? I don't think I look drastically different these days. I have new crinkles around my eyes, some gray hairs here and there, and a few (ahem) extra pounds. But thankfully, I've learned how to tame my hair (it has "horizontal tendencies"). It is much less poofy these days... whew.

I wish I could find my photo where I'm wearing a very short dress and holding my flute. Because, you know, nothing is cooler than a senior photo with a band instrument.

Got a blog and some guts? Link up your photos through May 30th!
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