Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainbow (continued)

I received a comment on this morning's Self Confidence post. One of the most enjoyable comments I have received in a while. A comment just too beautiful not to put front and center tonight.

A heartfelt thank you to Onesie Mommy who left the comment. Visit her blog - it is truly lovely.

Onesie Mommy said...

I don't know... maybe she is a rainbow...

Your daughter is unique... rainbows can shine even when it rains. That's pretty unique.

Your daughter is beautiful... so are rainbows.

Your daughter is smart... Rainbows can display a multitude of colours at the same time. Pretty clever if you ask me.

Your daughter is funny. I don't know how many natural events that can sport a silly little leprecaun and a pot of gold at the end of it.

I'd say your little girl IS a rainbow. She just doesn't know it yet.


- - - - - -

Exciting day! In the comments of the very same post, I was honored with a blog award!

Thanks to Samantha from Mommy To A Princess. I love the "My *Favorite* Bloggirl" Award!

Now it's my turn to pass it along:

Thanks for brightening my days with your stories, ladies!
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