Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If at first you don't succeed

When I was a kid,
Daddy always said to me,
  Get up! Try again, I believe – don’t you see?

If I tripped and banged a knee,
  Stand back up and keep going

If I fell from my bike,
  Try again, no more woe-ing

When a friend turned her back,
  It’s okay, you’ll make more

When a guy broke my heart,
  Wait, keep looking, there is love in store.

If I cried, he was there,
To hold my hand, or stroke my hair.

But those moments passed,
And he would say at last,
  Try again, I know you can -
  You are able! You are strong!

  And I’m your biggest fan.

(Post inspired my Mama Kat's *pretty much world famous* Writers' Workshop. This week, I selected this prompt: Write a poem about starting over.

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