Thursday, May 19, 2011

How do I love thee?

Finally back to a Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt! This week, I'm bringing things back to my reason for being:

My "mommy blog" has morphed a bit since it began 16 months ago, now incorporating several memoirs of my own, an occasional dabble in fiction, and (intentionally) infrequent product reviews. But in my heart and in real life, it is still all about Amelia.

I chose Mama Kat's prompt #5: List ten things about one of your favorite people.

- - - - - - - - - -

(1) Her voice. This girl could read the phone book and it would sound adorable. I'm sure all three-year-olds have cute voices, but this one truly melts my heart!

(2) Her hair.  I know, I complain about the craziness of her locks. But really? Her mind-of-its-own hair is a perfect complement to her personality. WILD and free!

That brings us to...
(3) Her personality. Amelia has an endearing streak of quiet shyness around strangers. And at home? She performs and dances and acts nutty. She has a kind heart and constantly takes good care of her stuffed animals.

(4) Her nose. Amelia is adorable for many reasons. Her nose is one of my very favorite parts. It is petite and perfect. Steve says it's from me, but hers is even cuter.

(5) Her creativity. She's barely three, and she can draw - people! You know, the kind with a huge head on top of legs and arms sticking out where ears should be. She adds some squiggle to the arms, and voila, it's a bird. She adds a bunch of legs all around and it's a spider. She can draw and paint and create for a solid hour (or more!) these days. My fridge is the new hot gallery in town - it is full of masterpieces!

(6) Her eyes. She had a 25% chance of having blue eyes. And blue they are! Gorgeous, ocean-blue eyes. She is soooo lucky!

(7) She is a copycat. Nothing escapes this child! She now drives her big wheel around the house complaining about traffic and sighing over red lights that are too long. She's even told an imaginary car or two to "go!". I guess we're creating an authentic Atlanta driver at an early age. (Oooops.)

(8) Her athleticism. Girls can do anything boys can do. Especially my girl! She can wallop a soccer ball, sprint really fast, and even (sometimes) hit a pink softball with her pink foam bat. She can climb, she can dance, she can jump. Just as good as any boy out there.

(9) Her princess obsession. Never in a million years did I think I'd have a girly girl (did ya read #8, above?). She is sporty and strong, but has a serious princess obsession. We watched the big Royal Wedding together. We collect Disney Princess toys, books, placemats, and cups. In her world, no movie is quite good enough without a beautiful princess heroine. And in her world, she is always the princess.

(10) She loves me. Sure, mommyhood is a lot of work and pressure. At the end of the day, when my girl says "I love you too, Mommy", I can smile wide. (Then I go pass out on my bed.)

- - - - - - - - - -

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