Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This is not goodbye

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I noticed recently that Fadra has a special Sunday feature: Stream of Consciousness Sunday. I love this idea.

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I will try my best to link up on Sunday, but this post couldn't wait. So 5 minutes... here we go.

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Mom, Amelia, Grandma, & Me

Grandma lived 99 years, and 4 months.
Anyone who knew her was blessed to have her in their life.

This morning, we began the process of saying goodbye. We feel sad that we lost such an amazing presence on earth, but we rejoice that she is at peace. She is finally back with her dear husband and living in paradise.

Grandmas are awesome. Who else but a grandma can have toys readily available at every visit? Who else but a grandma can cook an amazing homemade dinner to make all our bellies happy? Who else but a grandma can spoil a kid rotten and everyone, even the parents, love every minute of it?

I'm glad Amelia met my grandma. They only met a couple times, but Grandma followed nearly every day of Amelia's life via photos and videos. Her eyes lit up when she glanced at Amelia's school photo. She sat quietly, grinning, when she watched Amelia play. She marveled at the plate of food a not-yet-three-year-old Amelia devoured at Thanksgiving. Amelia enriched the final few years of Grandma's life, just as she made my entire life special.

Summertime visits are still alive in my mind. Fresh baked cookies awaiting our arrival. Gut-busting country breakfasts complete with bacon and  sausage. A chair in the living room where I would spend time rocking and spinning. Walks to the nearby farmer's market for some fresh apples and a sample of cherry pie.

Thanks, Grandma, for all of that. We are happy because we know you ware watching us from Heaven, hand in hand with the husband you have missed so much.

And thank you Mom, for being an incredible grandma to Amelia. She is going to remember her lifetime of memories with you. This is your first round as a grandma, and you already have the job nailed.

I am lucky.
Amelia is lucky.
Our family is so blessed.

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