Sunday, July 31, 2011

Biker Chick

Have you ever been to Disney World? Have you seen the Electrical Lights Parade? We have.

And that parade? Was one of the highlights of Amelia's three-year-old life. She still talks about it nearly six months later. We still watch the YouTube videos and listen to the parade music. We browse our vacation photos and remember all the characters and shapes we saw dressed up in lovely lights.

Imagine her excitement when she saw her very own pink tricycle, all dressed up in "twinkle lights"!

Thanks to Bike Glow, an ingenious new product, we can have our own electrical light parade in our very own neighborhood. But Bike Glow is not just a fun way to make your bike glow. In fact, it is a really smart bicycle safety light!

Bike Glow runs on two AA batteries, and it is pliable enough to attach to any vehicle. It is also completely waterproof. Bike Glow is available in a variety of colors including white (shown in photo above), aqua, pink, blue, and green. We attached it to Amelia's pink tricycle. It has three visibility settings: solid glow, slow blink, and fast blink:

At three years old, my daughter will not be out riding her bike in the dark alone. But if you have older children? Pre-teens? Teens? Bike Glow would be a very comforting addition to their bikes. You will have peace of mind, knowing drivers will be able to see them, even if it is getting dark outside.

I bet they will think it's pretty cool too.

- - -
I received one Bike Glow free of charge for the purpose of this review.
All opinions expressed are solely mine.

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