Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not ready for this

I am all too familiar with the dramatics of growing up a girl. I have little affection towards memories of issues with friends and my concerns with self-worth.

My stomach lurched when I found my self right smack in the middle of this conversation. With my THREE-year-old:

ME:  "Amelia, are you so glad your friend Emily is back at school this week?"

Amelia:  "Yeah, but she kept running from me."

ME:  "What do you mean, running from you?"

Amelia:  "I wanted to talk to her about vacation. But she just kept running... I don't think she likes me anymore."

ME:  "But of course she likes you! You are friends! Why do you say that?"

Amelia, with a sad face:  "I don't know why she doesn't like me, Mommy. But I don't think she likes me anymore."

I am speechless for a moment.

Amelia, grasping my hand:   "Mommy? We will always be friends."


- - - -

Luckily, like most girly friendship issues, the sad feelings were gone within a day. Emliy and Amelia are very good friends again. Or, I suspect, they always were.

But wow, did my eyes open wide with that conversation. I didn't even know she knew what "doesn't like me" means! I suppose I'd better start getting prepared for the pre-teen years to come.

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