Thursday, July 21, 2011

A humble bumblebee

We crouched in the long green grass, still damp from a morning rain. Holding hands, we approached the single clover. Gently. Quietly. The fuzzy bumblebee was hard at work and did not seem to notice our scrutiny.

Such a simple moment. Mother and daughter, captivated by this little creature's quick, purposeful movements.

"Mommy? What is that bee doing?"

Bees collect nectar from flowering plants. They improve upon that nectar to make honey. Pollen collects on their furry little bodies, which then scatters from plant to plant along the bee's bath, pollinating other flowers and crops. Did you know that 90% of plants are pollinated with animal assistance?

Hmmm, "what is that bee doing?", indeed.

Sometimes I come to realize that even the simplest moments are in fact, beautifully complex.

- - -
Another great writing promt from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop: "The simple things..."
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