Saturday, July 30, 2011

If I had $1,000,000

"If I Had $1,000,000" is a song by the Canadian musical group Barenaked Ladies, circa 1992 or so. I was listening to it recently, and a thought crossed my mind:

What if I was given a million dollars - but had to give it all away?

Think about it. How would you spread the wealth? Wouldn't it be fun to give so much away?

If I had a million dollars to spread around, I would...

Hire a private team of specialists to work for, train, and support my sister-in-law in her continued quest for independence as a paraplegic. Since insurance companies are lacking and our government can't stop wasting money, we seem to be on our own. Without a doubt, a chunk of my million would go to creating the best Dream Team money can buy: a top-notch physical therapist, a brilliant nutritionist, and a tough but understanding personal trainer. One year in their hands, and she would be kicking some serious booty. Because she has it in her. She just needs help finding it.

Help fund research efforts at two of the best cancer treatment facilities in the world: St. Jude's for children and MD Anderson. I have to believe that we will find a cure for this hidden monster one day. Every single one of us knows a family, probably several, rocked by the evils of cancer. Enough is enough.

Write a big check to Amelia's preschool. We could not be more pleased with the experience we have had there for the past three years. Amelia is loved, nurtured, and very happy there. As a church school, funding is often tight. I would love to see what they could do with a giant donation.

Share the gift of adventure and travel. For my parents? Perhaps a luxury trip to Germany and Austria. Both sides of my family have genes from this area of the world. My parents do not like to fly, so I would make sure the trip was first class all the way. An airplane isn't so bad from the comforts of your own sleeping cubby in first class. And they deserve it.

Treat my mother-in-law to a total relaxation vacation at an east coast coastal destination. Somewhere like the Cloister on Sea Island. Somewhere peaceful and in surrounded by nature. Somewhere she can be utterly pampered. I think a personal luxury limo ride to the resort would be nice. And a four-day/five-night world class spa package. She can spend her days breathing in the aromatic spa scents while specialized treatments relax her entire body and soul. I will try not to be jealous that I cannot go.

Green space and outdoor play are important elements to a happy childhood. What about sprucing up several inner-city parks? A lot of kids are fighting for their lives in the concrete jungle. A little grass between their toes and a place to be a kid certainly couldn't hurt.

Tell me... how would you share the wealth?

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