Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Know your audience

In my advertising life, I spend hour after hour searching for the best places to reach the most relevant audiences. Every client, every product has a target audience. You don't speak the same way, or to the same people, for every brand out there. I have come to realize, especially with the power of social media, that we are all our own brand. We all have a "unique selling proposition". We all have an audience.

If you are reading this post, you are part of my audience. You came here because you and I have something in common. Maybe I tweeted something that peaked your interest. My family, friends, other online moms, and coworkers are also part of my audience. I say what I say and write what I write with my all-encompassing audience in mind.

This morning, I was reading a book to my little sweetie. It is more than just an adorably-illustrated children's book. I think it has a very useful life (and business) lesson:
know your audience.

"Thank You Bear", written by Greg Foley

Little Bear finds a little box.

He immediately thinks, "my friend Mouse would love this!". He excitedly begins to walk, looking for his little mouse friend. Along the way, Bear sees many other animals. They are not excited about the little box.

Bear begins to doubt himself. Perhaps, this little box is not so special after all?

Until finally, mouse comes along.
And do you know what? Mouse thinks the box is the greatest thing ever!

Bear let the other animals get to him. He allowed doubt to creep in, and a sadness followed. But he had a target audience all along. He knew what mouse would like. He knew his true friend.

You also know, deep in your heart, your true audience. The audience that will support you through thick and thin. Don't let others on the outside cause you doubt. Because in the end, your audience, your loved ones, are the people who will never let you down. They truly understand your greatest thing ever.
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