Monday, December 19, 2011

A thank you & a visitor

Busy weeks coming up!

Two quick posts for today:

(1) First, I want to thank everyone for the fantastic and kind comments from my SITS Day! I continue to get new comments coming in, and I am humbled and happy to meet so many of you. Because I use the Blogger platform, I cannot easily respond to everyone. If your comment came with an email address, I tried to email you a quick reply. If you don't have your email linked, I am not able to personally reply to you. But please know I appreciate EVERYONE. I hope several of you come back again. I will be working on blog visits over the next few weeks myself - so glad to meet you all!

(2) Second, we have a visitor at our house. This little guy showed up early last week in a box on our doorstep. He's a happy little fella. Not too mischievous yet, but a pretty sneaky hider! I think Amelia will be sad when he flies away on Christmas Eve.

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