Saturday, December 31, 2011

This year...

Happy New Year!

Almost 2012. I remember celebrating with friends when 1999 turned into 2000. Dick Clark was still looking freakishly young and had not suffered his stroke. Remember Y2K? The computer bug that was set to destroy the world?

Now it is 2012. I am a bona fide grown up. A wife! A mom! A mom to a preschooler. You blink a couple times, and time really does fly right past.

This year, I will see my baby girl turn four.

We also will take our last September family beach trip - the following year, she will be in Kindergarten and won't be allowed to miss school. We will have to battle for sand space in the busy July or August months instead.

This year, I will have been married for nine years.

This year, I turn 33 years old.

What are you looking towards in 2012?
I wish health, happiness, and plentiful hugs for all of you.

(I will return to regular blogging on January 8th. Happy 2012!)
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