Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time to get real

Back to life,
back to reality.
Back to life,
back to the present time.
Back from a fantasy, yeah.

--lyrics from an En Vogue song

With the exception of one 14-hour overnight stop at our house, we have been away since the unseasonably warm morning of December 23rd. We had a peaceful, happy Christmas in Tennessee with my parents, aunt and uncle, and sister and brother-in-law. Amelia is the only child on my immediate side of the family, so she relished all the attention. We opened family gifts on Christmas Eve, following church and a scrumptious home-cooked feast. And of course, Santa knew to find Amelia there. He hung two gorgeous, sparkling princess dresses on the tree and placed gifts and a filled stocking below. We played and played and played together.

After our brief stop at home, we traveled south to Orlando where Cinderella and Prince Charming awaited us for a dinner buffet. The stepsisters and stepmother were there too - Amelia loved their antics! The next morning, we continued our journey to south Florida for several active and fun-filled days with family. Amelia is the baby on that side of the family, so she was once again the recipient of many toys and MUCH attention.

We finished our journey with a mini vacation to the Gulf Coast, just the three of us. Two nights there, and a long drive back to the ATL today.

So, hopefully this explains my lack of blogging! It has been a busy two weeks. We are completely worn out, but it was a wonderful, magical, joyful adventure. I'll be sure to share many photos in the days ahead.

Amelia and I are really going to miss Daddy tomorrow!

Now to plan our next voyage...
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