Sunday, January 22, 2012

I want to see you...

When you are 4, I want to see you dance.

When you are 5, I want to watch you paint.

When you are 6, I want to hear you spell.

When you are 7, I want to watch you run.

When you are 8, I want to hear you read.

When you are 9, I want you to tell me about the states.

When you are 10, I want to meet your best friend.

Years and years after that, I want to see you happy. I want to watch you grow. I want to see you value yourself, love who you are, and surround yourself with people who treat you with respect.

Many women lack confidence. They allow others to hurt them, because they don't believe in their own worth. They put on a false face to hide the insecurities inside. They choose men who aren't worthy of being their Prince Charming.

I love that Daddy is your Prince Charming today. I love that you dance and sing. I love that you find pride in your accomplishments, and that you always strive to do new things.

You are smart enough, good enough, and pretty enough. You are special.

For all your life, I want to see you smile.

- - - -
This post was inspired by the idea behind All Thing's Fadra's Stream of Consciousness Sunday. Write for 5 minutes. No editing, just write. Captured some random thoughts from late Saturday night. Maybe one day, if I do something right, she will grow up and listen to me.
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