Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Those kind of parents

Amelia’s ophthalmologist once declared to us,

“That’s why I work in pediatrics. I love children. I don’t like their parents.”

He is an outstanding physician. His demeanor with our daughter is fun and effective. She likes going to see him. Steve and I, not so much. He is difficult to address. He is very quick to answer (push aside?) our questions. He would like us to sit back, stay quiet, and let him do his job.

This is where the trust comes in. We need to trust his depth and breadth of experience. He knows his stuff. He has treated literally thousands of children with the same kinds of eye issues as Amelia.

But when it’s my baby? Trust is much harder to put into practice. I feel like I get so flustered around this doctor that I never get my questions out. Sometimes if I get a question out, I feel like it is not completely answered – or at least to a level where I can soak it in and understand.

Amelia’s eye surgery was five days ago. She is feeling great, but still looking a bit rough and not seeing correctly. There are still “two mommies” and “two daddies” in her daily life. From what I understand, this could be completely normal. However, my patience is being tested big time. And I am failing this test.

Steve and I cannot be patient anymore.

I called the doctor today and he will see us bright and early tomorrow morning. So maybe I’m a pain in the butt. Maybe I’m an overreacting mother, the kind that drives pediatricians up the wall…

But ya know what? I don’t care. Both Steve and I need to know this is all okay. Hopefully after the appointment tomorrow, we’ll have the reassurance that we so desperately need.

Wish us luck! Prayers for our little lady’s baby blues are welcome too.
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