Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Together travels

Sometimes my job is a glamorous one. You take me to places far and wide, where the sun gleams bright or the snow reflects, brisk and white. I am fond of the islands, where your heart releases its grasp on any heaviness. There, you seem freer, lighter, with an extra spoonful of joy. You savor those extra magical moments to breathe, to look, sometimes simply to sit in silence. Salty sea breezes brush across our surfaces, mist gently clings to everything around, outdoor sounds soothe the soul. I shield your eyes from harshness so you may enjoy your time to bask in the glorious moments of worry-free vacation.

Today, I wait in darkness. Rain soaks the world around us, the ho-hum of a regular day. You do not need me today, but I will linger. I remain poised, at the ready for the next grand adventure.

Where shall we go together next?

Write on Edge: RemembeRED

This week, tell a piece of your story from the point of view of an object who bore witness.
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