Sunday, January 8, 2012

Count on one hand

Hundreds of Facebook friends.
1,300 Twitter followers.
Blog readers, coworkers, acquaintances…
  ... so many people in this world.

But you know what they say; when it comes down to it, you can count your very best friends on one hand.

Without a doubt, I know the people who belong in my count. They are few, but they are steadfast. Unwavering. People I can always count on to love, support, and listen.

These friends are not jealous, they revel in my successes – just as I rejoice in theirs.

These friends are not wary of silence, because we are confident of our place in one another’s lives.

These friends provide guidance, but never say “I told you so”.

These friends will pick me up time and time again, just as I would lift them.

These friends care, even across miles. Distance does not shake the bond.

I was thinking of these people last night as I waited for sleep to come. And I had a peaceful, happy sleep.

Some of you I see weekly, some only once per year. But you know who you are. I love you! Thanks for holding such a solid place in my life.

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