Friday, January 27, 2012


Recently, a fellow Georgia Social Media Mom (Stacie, at The Divine Miss Mommy) posted a photo and caption on Facebook:

Cracked me up! It is astounding how many things we grew up with that just do not exist anymore.

At Christmas, my parents pulled out my 1980s Fisher Price record player:

Amelia had no clue what it was, but once we showed her how to play music, she enjoyed it. "It's like a CD, Mommy." Well... of course it is.  

My first video game system? It did not have wireless controllers. It did not send light lasers to detect my body movements. It didn't even have a joystick. We had an Intellivision, with games like Snafu and Burgertime:

And remember car phones? The kind that actually had a cord connected to the car? A college friend had one of these and I remember thinking it was pretty cool.

Today, I carry an iPhone that can do just about anything. Some of you may even be reading this post from a phone. Pretty amazing, huh?

What old-school technologies would your kids not recognize today?


  1. What about dial up? For most kids, dial up is a thing of the past. Remember that noise it used to make when you'd start to dial up....the weird robot sound??

  2. I love this!! There are so many things that my kids do not recognize. My dad still has an 8 track player.

  3. Recently FireGirl was watching an episode of Barney where they come across a typewriter. They explain what it is to the kids, and part of the description is that it's "kind of like a computer". Cracked me up.


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