Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WW: January 12th, surgery day

One of the most difficult days of my life. I have gone into surgery for myself a couple times, but nothing compares to the emotional overload when your child is the patient.

Loritab makes her silly!
And she was thrilled that her animals got hospital gowns too.
My badge of honor.
Not a happy camper, but on our way home at last.
The first daytime nap this girl has taken in over a year.

The next day - all smiles at The Olive Garden.
Time will tell as her eyes re-learn to work together.
Thanks to all who have expressed their support and send virtual hugs and prayers. I will speak with the doctor soon and we follow-up in person on February 8th. It can take weeks for her eyes to become straight again. 

Waiting is not easy. I still have fear that we made a bad choice, but the fear is receding as I observe small improvements each day.

Patience, mama. Patience.

- - -
iPhone Photo Phun

UPDATE!  The surgeon worked us in early this morning for a follow-up visit. All is OK! Amelia is still seeing double, but he is not concerned. We got some prescription eye drops for inflammation and once we get that cleared up, she will feel less discomfort, the eye muscles can relax, and her vision will be able to adjust more normally. Nothing we're experiencing right now is abnormal, nor is it bad news. Whew! This mama can finally breathe again. Lesson learned - insist on the doctor if the worry is too great to handle. The early wake-up and copay were well worth it.
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