Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ahhh! Politics!

2012 is going to be a long year. It is only mid-January and political "news" has me sticking my fingers in my ears, yelling "la la la!".  I do not want to hear about it. Yes, I am thrilled to live in a democratic country. Yes, I vote each November. I am grateful for the opportunities and proud to be an American. But I can not stand hearing about every sneeze, mistake, or (likely unkept) promise from every potential candidate in existence.

I think they are all the same. Enormous egos. They calculate how to get the most votes with little concern for the big picture beyond. They are much more concerned with "party lines" than efforts to benefit the country as a whole. Congress can not accomplish anything because they are too busy bickering. And too busy adding off-topic and often ridiculous ideas to bills; a bill about education should not include thirty-five extra "interests" that have nothing to do with education. It only muddies the waters - and leaves the truly beneficial ideas to be swept into the trash. Our electoral process pretty much eliminates the opportunity for a third party or independent to win a major election, and the process will never get changed if the people who must change it have no problem with it in the first place - like two big bullies on the playground who refuse to let anyone else in the game for fear the newbies may win.

I do not follow party lines. I will do my research when the time comes to try to figure out who will win my vote. In the meantime, I hope to avoid as much political gossip (er, I mean "news") as possible. Surely there is some good news to report? Important scientific advancements that deserve to be front and center? A kid or a mom who did something amazing?

By the looks of the news sites, nothing else is going on.
And our election is almost a year away!

- - -
Disclaimer: It is quite unlike me to even mention the dreaded "P" word (politics). I do not claim to be an expert in the area... clearly, I avoid it as much as possible. I would love to hear your views and respect the ideas of others. The above is purely my opinion.
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