Friday, December 16, 2011

Making new friends!

Um, wow. I am incredibly honored to have a SITS Day* today!
(What the heck is a SITS day? See footnote below)

It came at the perfect time.
About three weeks ago, fresh off a brief blog hiatus, I changed my blog’s name. Launched originally as in January 2010, I blogged about my successes, failures, worries, and joys as a first-time mom. Trying to be the “perfect” mom (well… trying to follow the rules), a working mom, and a happy mom. Over the past year, I have come to define myself – and my blog – in different ways. Like all mothers in the world, I am a lot more than just “three” moms in one. I play a gazillion different roles. And while I don’t think I will ever be 100% balanced, I will always be balancING. Always striving for my best. Muddling through to the best of my ability. Searching for the oh-so-elusive "me" time.  Cheering on my precocious little princess as she navigates the roads of life.... and much, much more. I have always been @BalancingMama on Twitter, and now can also be found at (drum roll, please...)

Thank you so much for your visit today. If you are new, please say hi if you get a chance. I will never promise perfection here, but I do promise a voice that is 100% genuine. I am a real person, flaws and all. And I would love to meet more of you. The best part of blogging is interaction.

Come to think of it… maybe you can teach me a thing or two!

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Why Do I Blog?

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*SITS, The Secret to Success is Support, is a supportive, informative community of 10,000+ women bloggers. They showcase a feature blogger each day. The SITS girls are also the brilliant force behind Bloggy Bootcamp, which I attended in October.
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