Thursday, December 1, 2011

One lucky girl

My daughter is one lucky girl. I am not just talking about her comfortable home, masses of toys, never-ending attention, or her incredibly fabulous parents. She has all that and more.

She also has…

Gorgeous hair.

Her locks are the color of golden wheat, darkened by the sun’s warmth. It is soft like down with a shine as bright as gold. And the waves! Oh, those soft, flowing waves full of bounce… they seem to have a life all their own. Dancing, twirling, joyful.

We went through a fanatical period of crazy hair. It took a few sessions at the salon with much pleading and hoping, but we finally learned how to tame those tresses.

She had a 25% chance for those captivating blue eyes. And a one in a million chance for that hair.

Lucky, lucky girl.

- - - -
This was a super-quick post for Write on Edge and their Friday Red Writing Hood meme. 
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