Friday, June 8, 2012

Blurry vision

Poor eyesight is annoying for many reasons. Fumbling with lenses or seeing only blurry surroundings when you awake in the middle of the night, to name two.

Another one? Mystery creatures on the shower ceiling.

You see, I was taking my morning shower downstairs the other day, glasses (obviously) off, and I spotted a brown thing on the ceiling, nearly above my head. I am terribly near-sighted, so I could not identify the mystery spot.

But I knew.

I knew it had to be an unwelcome creature. Summertime in Georgia, you know. It had been very hot outside for several days. My house was nice and cool inside.

it was not a very relaxing shower. I lathered my hair... did that thing move? Rinsed my hair... ahh, I think it moved! Applied conditioner... oh my, it definitely moved! What if it falls on my head?!?!

Clearly, I have a bug phobia. Especially during the hot summer months in the lovely state of Georgia. We have some pretty impressive creatures down here.

Blurry photo, but still better than I can see.
This is what I call the "leggy bug" - no idea what it is, but it creeps me out!
And it moves fast.

I can't even look at this photo without a shiver. Ewwww.

Maybe I need to wear my contacts in the shower. 

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