Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sage Advice from High School

I jumped at the chance to follow Mama Kat's instructions in writing prompt #4 this week:  Dig out your high school yearbook and share a message a friend wrote that stands out to you.

Once I finally found my yearbooks (upstairs office, bottom shelf, dusty!), I had a great time flipping through them and reading the comments and quips from almost twenty years a few years ago.

I had the expected "it was fun being with you in class" notes, the gushing "I am so glad we're friends!" sentiments, the overused "stay sweet!", and the occasional expression of undying, forever love from the boyfriend of the season. All of whom, it turns out, did not love me forever.

But my favorites? The sage advice from teens. The sarcastic comments that made me laugh out loud (LOL... we didn't even know what that meant back then!).

So, from the class of 1996, er, I mean the class of "not really that long ago"...

Sage Advice from a High School Yearbook
  • "Quit hitting me" -- from a good guy friend whom, apparently, I liked to hit
  • "Don't eat any dynamite" -- from someone with a completely illegible signature
  • "If you find a lump, consult a doctor" -- from an anonymous health safety expert
  • "Remember, don't eat yellow snow" -- not what I was hoping for, from a guy I adored
  • "Don't cross your legs, it's a bad habit" -- from fellow flute player, who also crossed her legs
  • "Uh, check out my butt or something" -- from a kid who liked Beavis & Butthead too much 
  • "When you get to my planet, be careful. You'll cause a riot" -- I don't even know how to explain this one

                                                                                   See me?
Mama’s Losin’ It
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